Mining - metallurgical Institute of Tajikistan
Mining - metallurgical Institute of Tajikistan was formed by the Presidential Decree number 1737 on April 24, 2006 in accordance with Article 24 of the Law of the Republic of Tajikistan. Mining - metallurgical Institute of Tajikistan was based on the material - technical base of the former Mining -metallurgical College of Chkalovsk by the Resolution of the Government of Tajikistan from 03.05.06 №210.
The Institute began its activity in accordance with the Charter and officially  had passed the  state registration in accordance with regulations and was submitted in the sphere of higher education by the Law of the Republic of Tajikistan "About Education", the Law of the Republic of Tajikistan "About the highest professional education and post-graduation  professional education ", "The national concept  of  education of the Republic of Tajikistan", "The concept of the  professional education development in  Republic of Tajikistan", "Model regulations due to  institutions of higher professional  education  of Republic of Tajikistan ", and other acts and regulations in the field of higher professional education.

Within ten-year existence, from a small educational institution it has turned into a big Institution of higher education. Step by step, the Institute infrastructure expands education area and increases the number of its students, staff, material and technical base. In the 2014-2015 and 2015-2016 academic year, some changes had been brought into the structure of the Institute. The number of the chairs had been increased from 13 up to 15, as well postgraduate department, educative department; qualification improvement center for   industry workers had been formed.
Up to the moment   in the Institute Academic council,  15 chairs (6 inter faculty and 9 specialized) 3 faculties, accounts department, household department , teaching Methods Department , the department of science, innovation and international relations, education department, personnel department, postgraduate department, chancellery  and archives,   electronic library, registrations center, diagnostics center and computer services, the  second Department, the youth department, department of labor protection and environmental protection are functioning now. As well, trade union, women and girls’ Council, Students’ Council and the Council of Veterans are active in the Institute.
Candidate of geology and mineralogy sciences, associate professor
Fozilov Mukhtor Murodaliyevich
Phone: +992(3451) 5-96-28

Candidate of physical and mathematical sciences 
Koziyev Kamoluddin Sanginovich
Phone: +992
Candidate of geology and mineralogy sciences, associate professor
Nasriddinov Zamoniddin Zayniddinovich
Phone: +992(3451) 5-40-40
Candidate of Shadow Sciences, Associate Professor
Umarjonov Abdusafo Abdumannjnovich
Phone: +992(92) 964-01-03
Candidate of pedagogical sciences, associate professor 
Saydulloyeva Manzura Makhkamovna
Phone: +992
Phone: +992
Candidate of physical and mathematic sciences, associate professor 
Egamov Muhtor Hasanovich
Phone: +992(93) 983-93-53
The Ministry of the industry and new technologies of RT.

Achievements of the Institute
With the aim of  increasing and developing the quality of  scientific reasurchers,  education and up-bringing process a great deal of works had been done in the period of  2015 year. This year the Institute has got the Permission of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Tajikistan for applying  such new specializations as  :  510201-0104 Development the mineral deposits  (drilling operation), and also the activity of  the magistracy  in the following specializations: 510202 development and  exploitation of oil and gas fields, 360101 - technology of mechanical engineering, 430103-01 Power supply of industrial enterprises, 420101-0104 - metallurgy  of nonferrous metals, 510201-01- exploitation of the mineral deposits ( surface mining).
2. For the purpose of clearness of the exam results and  according to the rules of credit training system the procedure of   exams  are held electronically, all computer studies are connected with the single computer network.
3. On purpose of  educational improvement under the treaty  between  Institute and LLC JV Zarafshon up to date training  laboratory due to the mining and oil and gas exploitation  was   equipped.
4. For the effective  studying of engineering drawing one more computer cabinet equipped with modern electronic devices including 10computers, an electronic blackboard and a projector have been given for exploitation. 
5.  Every faculty has its   own laboratory equipped with 60 computers where virtual laboratory works are held.

6. According to the   agreement  between the Institute and   ОАО " Vostokredmet" the training laboratories are supplied with reagents and other chemicals, hydraulic laboratory equipped with rollers more than 600 specialized literature had been gifted.
7. The Institute has great opportunity in preparing highly educated staff in blasting operations. Institute has a number of treatment of cooperation with industrial enterprises. Training programs on lasting blasting operations and controlling blasting operations are in the process of working out.
8.The scientific - methodical seminar on topic  . the Institute held a seminar on "The importance of general technical subjects in teaching modern technology" was held on 28 March 2015.The representatives of 5 institutes of higher education of Sughd region took part in the seminar.. The seminar was attended by over 80 teachers and students, including 3 doctors of sciences, professors and 12 associate professors. On June 12, 2015 the Institute held a seminar on "Teaching of exact sciences and sociology by innovative technology methods” with  participation of representatives of the Sughd region. More than 75 teachers and students took part in the seminar.
9.  The agreement between the Institute and Kazan National Research Technical University was signed.  Agreement includes the cooperation in the field of education, science and culture exchange" As well an agreement with Institute of oil of People Republic of China was signed. T According to the agreement Confucius Institute at GMIT on August 20, 2015 was opened.
10. The student of the second course 360101specialty   Mamadkulov A. won the third prize and was awarded bronze medal in the World Cup  competition of wrestling in Orenburg city of Russian Federation, which was held from 08.12.2015 to 16.12.2015.
which participated the student of the 2nd rate of Ampere-second weighing 81 kg there took the third place and it is awarded the letter and bronze by a medal.
11. Our students took part in the Olympiad for students which was organized by Academy of sciences of Tajik Republic within the period of 11 till 13 March 2015 year. The third (Geology) and the forth (Physics) places were won by them. As well  on May 7-8, 2015 in Dushanbe was held the final stage of the Olympiad where the students of our Institute took an active part. The second year student specialty 430101-03 Bokizoda D. was awarded the second degree diploma.
12. High achievements were gained in the period of 2015 of academic year by teaching staff. 181 scientific methodical manuals as well 3 textbooks, 5 licenses of Republic of Tajikistan, 29 educational methodical complex, 144 articles were published. Among them 42 articles were published abroad.
13. On December 18, 2015 by the initiation of The State Agency of Security Inspection in industry and mining of the Government of Tajik Republic in cooperation with the Institute technical and consulting seminar was organized.
14. The staff of MMIT pays great attention to the greening, building renovation, and cleaning the territory of the Institute. More than 450 trees were planted.
15. With a purpose of expending the educational area the renovation of the second and the third floor of hostel #1 had been finished.
16.  For setting meetings, conferences, seminars the new highly equipped conference hall was renovated.
Sport achievements
The students of the Institute took part in regional sports and athletics meeting in the period from the 6th to the 30th April 2015. Great sport achievements were gained by them. 
Faizov Dilovar the student of the third course 27010109 specialty in wrestling, Muminov Zohir the student of the forth course 51020103 specialty in national wrestling Haitov R won the first place;
Abdualimov A - the second course 27010109 specialty in national wrestling and sumbo,Bozorov N - the forth course 430101 specialty in national wrestling and judo, Khurshedi Sh - the forth course 510202 specialty in judo, Odinabekov N- the first course 27010109 specialty in wrestling won the second place.
Khurshedi Shukrullo - the first course 510201 specialty in wrestling, Safarbekov A- the third course 27010109 specialty in sumbo, Sufizoda M - the forth course 70020106 specialty in judo, Bozorov Nurullo¬- the fourth course 430101 speciality in wrestling, Tojiddinov Husnidinthe -second year student  51020102 speciality in boxing, Kamolov A-the fourth course 42010104 specialty won the third place in boxing. Muminov Z. student the fourth year student 510201-03 specialty was included into the republican wrestling team and had a permit to take part in an international competition which will be held in Kazakh Republic. Mamadkulov A. the second year student 360101 specialty took part in a World Cup Competition in Orenburg city Russian Federation and won the third place in the period from 08.12.2015 till 16.12.2015.
Current year the Institute has in general 145 scientific-methodical works, among them 4 textbooks, 2 licenses of the RT, 19 training manuals, 145 articles and report theses. More than 16 articles had been published abroad. Thus in 2014 year the Institute had got a permeation to train scientific staff (to form Post - Graduate Department). The number of post - graduate students and researchers had been increased in comparison with the previous years(2010 -2013). 14 post -graduate students have entered to the Post - Graduate Department.
Young inventors of the Institute are constantly being supported. In this period a number of teachers owned licenses. As Kodirov A.A. - the head of the Power supply chair owned three investigation and 3 patents (1. Automatic hydraulic pump. 2. Photometric device “GMIT - 2010” 3. Pneumohydrostatic pump) and 2 patents (1.Patrons for luminescent lamps 2. Pneumohydrostatic bowl.) Nazarov Kh the head of the Metallurgical chair owned 5 patents (patents TJ 108 uranium industry waste recycling ) Application #0700103 from 04.052009 year. 2. Patent TJ 109 Methods of uranium hoisting from the mines’ waters.  Application #0700104 from 04.05.2009year. 3. Certificate of authorship natural sorbents of indicators for uranium (patent 0184TJ from 16. 09. 2009 year). 4. One more small patent has been required (Methods of increasing of corrosion stability of sylumins by means of antimony)
5. In 2014 year small patent has been required Mechanical and acoustic-damphing increasing features of industrials silumins.
Osimi Okil the head of the Exploitation of minerals chair owned 2 patents.
Tukhtasunov O the head of the Natural and scientific chair owned 2 patents.
As well the head teacher Umarjonov A.A., Abdullozoda B.Kh. and the student Vallamatov Sh.V. owned a patent;
Ganiev I. N., Nazarov Kh., Osimi O., Sangov M.M. had required for a patent;
Ganiev I. N., Nazarov Kh.,Berdiev A.E.; Osimi O., Sangov M.M. Ibrogimov N.F. .  Application #1400886 from 28.08.2014 year had required for a patent;
Umarjonov A.A., Abdullozoda B.Kh., Vallamatov Sh.V. had required for a patent;
Kodirov A., Ismatov Sh., Usupov S., had required for a patent.
Within the period 12 -13 of March 2015 year the Students Olympiad for winning “The Cup of Academy of Sciences of Tajik Republic”  had been held. The students of the Institute took part in it and won the prize places. As Subhonqulov S. the student of the second course 510201 - 02 specialty of the Mining faculty was awarded the diploma.
As well in the period of 7 -8 May 2015 year the final Students Olympiad was held. The students of the second course 430102 -03 specialty was awarded the diploma.
Within the period of 15 -17 May current year in the Technical University of Tajikistan the first international Forum on topic “The Youth is the Power of Intellectual Development  of the Country” was held. The young staff of the Institute Vohidov A.A. (the post -graduate student of the Mechanic and Engineering chair) and Jalolov M. assistant of Power supply took part in the Forum and were awarded with Certificates.
Scientific connection and useful scientific and technical cooperation of the Institute with abroad Institutes are being increased. With the aim of useful cooperation in the field of  science and scientific researches, training methodology, students exchange we signed different kind of Agreements. We are in collaboration with the Institutes of such countries as Ukraine, Belorussia, Russian Federation, Kazakh Republic, Kirgiz Republic, Germany, Norway, Slovakia.
Due to agreements the Institute has wide opportunities to receive professional and pedagogical staff from those institutes and at the same time to exchange post graduate and under graduate students. It gives us possibility to develop our scientific and pedagogical experience.
The Institute is taking part in several international projects. Like as the program “Science for Peace” (led by NATO) project “Assessment of transboundary water pollution in Central Asia” by heavy metals under the authority of Ministry of Industry of New Technologies. Up-to-date laboratory was equipped for monitoring of the water, within the Project 2 of our young teachers had studied abroad and owned a certificate. The Institute had won the Grant. The Project includes 7 Institutes from Ukraine, Belorussia, Kazak Republic and Norway. We have the opportunity to send our 2 students for passing their summer experience in Norwegian University of Life Sciences.